Monday, May 12, 2014


"The details are not the details. They make the design." — Charles Eames
Happy Monday, m' dears! The last time I shared one of these posts, we just arrived in Swell Rio. It's amazing how much things can change in a month's time. It feels really good to pull into our driveway, see a yard that's filling in quite nicely with grass (erm, weeds), and walk through the front door to see a place that's slowly become ours. With a few new pieces of furniture and repurposing some items we already own, the house feels settled. The dogs share a sense of ownership, too. Tripp watches squirrels run around outside and Beesly helps me water the potted plants. It's pretty adorable, honestly! A month ago, I couldn't see us getting to this point. We were too overwhelmed with boxes and a list of tedious to-dos. Now I can't help but look around and smile. I can see our little family filling this space with memories. Of course, that could also have something to do with the fact that I hear Flyboy assembling the crib down the hall. Ha Ha! I'm probably just elated to see the BIG reveal once it's all put together.

While he does the hard work, I might kick up my feet and do something really cliche—like watch What to Expect When You're Expecting on the DVR. It beats reading the scary and ill-designed book, and I'm sure this whole pregnancy gig is exactly how Cameron Diaz and J-Lo portray it. That seems like sound enough logic, right?! Before I proceed to be a cheese ball and embarrass myself anymore, you should tell me what you did this weekend. I'm just dying to know!

  • Both the UPS man and the FedEx man have commented on our door mat. I still don't know the gents on a first-name basis, but I feel like this makes me one step closer to really making that personal connection. It's just a matter of time!
  • I've been getting a lot of emails and texts from family and friends asking for our new address. Oops! How did I forget to send "Change of Address" cards?! It totally slipped my mind and feels very unlike me. What a rebel, Ash! Each week, I'm working to send a piece of snail mail to every one on my current correspondence list. That's kinda like sending a "Change of Address." I'm not really sure what's gotten into me. I guess it's time to buy some more stationery. 
  • I should probably confess that Big Tex spent about two weeks in a storage unit with no water or light. I didn't know what to do with him in between our move from San Antonio and Swell Rio. I was afraid to tell you the disturbing details. I couldn't take him with us to Missouri or D.C., and I felt terrible. Much to my delight, he survived and even thrived in his plant prison cell. As soon as we got to our new place, I repotted him, fed him some fertilizer, and made his leaves all shiny. I'm happy to announce that he's even more handsome than before. In fact, I currently count four new leaves sprouting. Just to be clear, I am talking about my Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree here.
  • After five hours of driving to and from San Antonio this weekend, Flyboy and I shared a few hilarious discussions. In two weeks, we'll celebrate our 6th anniversary. At times, you think you know everything you could possibly know about your significant other. Then a random childhood story catches you off guard and you grow even more smitten than before. Traveling long distance isn't so bad when you're guaranteed a good story or two.
  • If I share a picture of fresh green juice, that totally helps balance the chocolate bar I devoured entirely by myself, right?!
  • Why do our dogs look so traumatized in these photos? It's like they should be in an ASPCA commercial. Go on and cue the Sarah McLachlan music. I'm sorry I want to dress you up in a party hat, Beesly. I apologize for inviting you on a truck ride, Tripp. Goodness gracious! I hope our kid enjoys dressing up or posing for photos more than these two.

Enough about me, what did you do this weekend? What made you click your heels? As always, thanks for stopping by.

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