Thursday, May 1, 2014


"Banana phone has been ringing off the hook." by Jorey Hurley
THANKFUL FOR: I think we're all a little bit guilty of taking small things for granted. If we didn't, we'd never recognize how much the little details really mean to us. This week, Flyboy has been working long hours. I guess I kind of forgot what the ol' pilot training schedule was like. Of course that means the instructors have to be there, too. Duh, Ashley! For the past six months, he's been home every night and we've got to settle in for our favorite TV shows and sit down at the table and dine together. I guess I got a little too used to the beautiful mundane. His absence and my dining alone made me think about our chaotic routine in Hawaii. I definitely didn't love that, but it makes me extra grateful for this current season of life. I'll take him being home for dinner whenever I can.  

READING: I just adore Diane Keaton! Last year, I listened to her audiobook, Then Again, on my daily commute to work. Her writing is wise and witty, thoughtful and enchanting. I loved it so much, I jumped for joy when I found out about her latest book, Let's Just Say It Wasn't Pretty. She's wonderfully quirky and shares her thoughts on beauty, aging, and staying true to yourself. She even discusses her love and admiration for Diana Vreeland. Ugh, I knew this book was meant for me! Here's one of my favorite excerpts: “For me [beauty] is a collection of images and objects and thoughts and feelings I’ve gathered over the course of my life. Sometimes beauty, like today, is a closed book I can’t open. Sometimes it’s hanging in my closet. Like my Dad’s old sweater. Sometimes it’s a message saved on my voicemail. But one thing's for sure: all of it is personal.”

THINKING ABOUT: Did you know that Meg Ryan has signed on to voice the older version of the main character on How I Met Your Dad, the HIMYM spin-off planned to air this fall? Pardon the wordiness of that last sentence, but EEK! I know that means we won't be seeing her (she'll be the Bob Saget equivalent), but she hasn't been in a film since 2009. Oh, the horror! I initially rolled my eyes at the idea of a HIMYM spin-off, but if this means a Meg Ryan comeback, sign me up!

FEELING: Is it possible to feel fancy? Because I do. The Parsons Desk (hello, bucket list!) arrived last Friday and I'm absolutely smitten! Sitting down at the computer to blog this week was magical. I don't think I've ever been this excited to prepare snail mail or jot down to-do lists in my entire life and that's saying a lot because those are fun-tivities that typically leave me feeling overjoyed. I guess I just kicked my excitement level up a notch.

EATING: As soon as we moved in and got reacquainted with our household goods, Flyboy prepared a fat stack of his famous flapjacks for me. Yahoo! It's probably not our healthiest habit, but I look forward to eating pancakes each Saturday. In fact, I caught myself thinking about them on Tuesday night. So yeah, I'm pretty excited for another weekend doused in syrup! 

WATCHING: You should really think about setting your DVR on Tuesday nights for Playing House on USA. My favorite TV besties, Jessica and Lennon, have reunited. Huzzah! I fell in love with this comedic duo back in 2012's Best Friends Forever on NBC, but I was devastated when m' show was canceled after its first season. Le sigh. In their new sitcom, BFFs Maggie (Lennon) and Emma (Jessica) decide to live together to help raise Maggie's baby in the suburbs. Their witty banter is just as perfect as I remembered.  

LISTENING TO: These days, it's best that I stray away from any tune that might make me reminisce or get emotional. Hello, hormones! It's not that I don't want to be in touch with my feelings, but I'd prefer to keep the mood light and fun for myself and those around me. Naturally, this is where Beyonce comes into play. As I've listened to "Partition" and "Mine" on repeat, I got to thinking that in my next life I'd like a name that warrants an array of nicknames. Based on how she feels, Beyonce can go by a handful of monikers. There's Bey, and 'Yonce. Sure, my closest family and friends refer to me as Ash, but you'll never hear them call me 'Shley. That just sounds funny! She can also choose from Queen Bey, Mrs. Carter, and Sasha Fierce, among others. I don't know about you, but I could get used to that. Since our future offspring's name is at stake, I think it's important we choose something that lends itself to multiple pet names, don't you?! It only seems fair. 

LOVING: A sweet reader reached out to me recently and asked for my address. She works for Hearst magazines and sent me a mailer filled with glossy loot. It was unexpected and totally made my day! Thank you SO much! Y'all, I have the best readers ever. You're an incredibly thoughtful bunch and I'm constantly overwhelmed by your kindness. You have a way of making me feel special.

Do you have a nickname I should know about?!
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